Return Policy will not accept returns of damaged wine in your possession longer than 30 days without written approval and authorization from We prefer our Private Clients to make any claims or requests within 72 hours of receipt of shipped wines. If you have unusual circumstance please email customer service with an explanation. We will consider all the variables and if we approve your request, we will provide you with an extension through email. All sales are final once payment has been received.

Cultwine will agree to refund any and all credit charges for wines which may not be available, are listed incorrectly or do not meet the standards of The Private Client will receive prompt refund of any credit card charges which they have been charged by upon determination of wines which are not available. The Private Client will agree to pay a minimum 50% of purchase price for a re-stocking fee for any wines bought which Private Client attempts to 'charge back" the original charges to his/her credit card. All sales are final upon transfer of payment and no refunds or charge backs are permitted unless authorized in writing by guarantees the excellent provenance of all of the wine we offer. Our professional staff takes great care in packing and shipping your wines to you. All wines are inspected and photographed prior to leaving our warehouse. Although, we hope none of the below ever happens, we are happy to return, credit, or exchange bottles any and all wines that suffer from any of the following conditions:

Wine that has had leakage during shipping to you. Incorrect order fulfillment (wrong vineyard or vintage shipped) Shipping problems that are clearly the fault of the shipper or Wines with conditions not noted by our Condition Legend. “Cooked” wine or wine that is clearly showing signs of improper storage. Ideally we will ask for a partial bottle sent back to us within 24 hours of opening the wine.

The wine industry estimates that between 3 and 7 percent of all wines sealed with natural corks are ruined because of a natural fungus in corkwood that produces the chemical compound trichloroanisole, or TCA within the cork. TCA has a distinctive odor resembling moldy newspaper or damp basement. In almost all cases of "corked" wine, the aroma of the wine is reduced significantly, and a heavily tainted wine is completely undrinkable. We do not accept returns of corked wine nor do we refund for corked wines.

Wines spoiled by changes in temperature cannot be recovered. Note: Choose your shipping address carefully.
We cannot replace wine damaged by heat or cold exposure.

If you have items you would like to request a return please contact us directly at (866) 479.8111. reserves the exclusive right to change policy or legal terms without prior or any notice.